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Toddler Program – First Steps

Ages: Children 20 months – 3 years 6 months (birthday cut-off is December 31st). Students begin the program within this age window.

Schedule: Tuesday, Thursday, 9:30am – 12:00pm


Class Structure:

Our toddler program begins with group circle time, which includes 20  minutes of music exploration and 10- 15 minutes of group learning. There is work with instruments in every class based upon the latest Music Together Collection, in addition to special songs chosen based on our current theme of study. During this time, we welcome each child, recognize the time and season that we are in, and engage in literacy and numeracy presentations. Lastly, an artistic focus is presented, which is further explored in the daily art time.

The circle time is followed by period of Montessori-style open learning. This includes the standard Montessori work areas (literacy, numeracy, sensorial, culture, and peace curriculum). This time also includes snack time, in which the children serve help prepare their own snack.  Another key component of Montessori classrooms.

Nature exploration is woven into every curriculum area – music, art, and Montessori work cycle – in The Studio Garden.  The beauty and lessons within nature are explored in every class.

The school provides snack (any food allergies are strictly observed); the children help to prepare the food as well as set the table. Snack time is a wonderful opportunity to practice social graces, manners, and age-appropriate conversation.

Individual art time is available through the open learning time, and we also have group art time following snack.  During this time, we present new processes and techniques and we work on the larger project for our unit of study.

Children also have one-on-one learning time with the teacher during each class, and are supported during the whole session by their trusted, loving adult.

Each class ends with another 20 minute music period in which one or two new songs are introduced to build upon our previously learned transition songs that help the children ready for the return home.

In the final moments of each class, we offer ways to extend the learning at home. Moreover, at the end of each overall unit, the child will take home his featured art project, which is almost always an interactive piece that the whole family can enjoy.


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