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The Studio Garden pioneers an arts-based Montessori approach to early childhood education. This includes traditional Montessori subject areas – Literacy, Numeracy, Sensorial, Science and Culture, and Peace – augmented by an immersive multidisciplinary arts curriculum. We also infuse all the curriculum with nature exploration, based on principles from forest schooling.  Children learn best from nature and being immersed in nature.  Lastly, our classroom embraces an adult-supported learning model, which means that children attend class with a loving adult that supports that child’s learning and can extend that learning at home.  It is our belief that combining these approaches together maximizes our students’ engagement with and mastery of the core subjects.

In addition to these four main methodologies, we also incorporate best practices and teaching techniques from leading early childhood experts and curriculum developers. Our staff engages in ongoing continuing education and training, as well as team based collaboration to develop the strongest and most diverse learning experiences for our children and families.

We also offer support materials and enrichment to parents and care givers. This is not homework (don’t worry!) but further opportunities to extend and deepen your child’s learning at home. We encourage adults to follow the child in both what they are interested in exploring at whatever level they are able to achieve.

For more information on the foundations of our main curriculum areas, please click on the below links.


Arts Integrated Curriculum    |    Montessori Foundations    |   Music Together   |    Nature Exploration    |    Adult Supported Learning


Also, we welcome you to our extended online community by following our blog. Our education team regularly writes posts from the wilds of early childhood education, shares pieces by thought leaders in the field, and provides practical resources for parents.

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