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We believe the immensely loving relationship between parent and child is the foundation for all of the child’s future learning and relationships. Our desire is to come along side you and support you through your journey of parenting.

What Families Are Saying About The Studio Garden

“We love our Studio Garden family! My two year old daughter has benefited tremendously under Michelle’s guidance. It was great to see her confidence level increasing with each class. Before we started Studio Garden, my daughter was afraid to touch any of the art supplies! She was also scared of speaking in front of class. In just two months with Miss Michelle, my daughter not only starting using the painting tools regularly, she also enjoyed participating in front of others. I will definitely enroll my younger two months old daughter in Studio Garden when she is older.”

~ Samantha


“The Studio Garden is a very special and peaceful sanctuary for creative learning and exploration. My son LOVES Michelle (as do I!). She facilitates every class with an open heart, playful spirit and loving intention. Teaching children is clearly Michelle’s calling: she sees the beauty in each child and gives them the space to express that beauty. We look forward to every class and don’t want to leave! We feel blessed to know Michelle and to have participated in the inaugural semester of The Studio Garden.”



“”The Studio Garden has truly been a wonderful experience for our family. My 2-year old son was always excited for class, and loved being with his teacher and friends. He had fun learning, dancing, singing and exploring all the different stations around the classroom, throughout the various structured phases of every class. As a parent, I appreciated how he had the freedom to do a variety of crafts and activities that he does not have easy access to at home or through other programs I’ve seen, all while in a safe and caring environment. I was also amazed at the independence and practical skills he developed through the fun, consistent “work” offered at Studio Garden – and I myself will treasure the time during each class that I was able to participate in, and enjoy seeing, my child learn so much. Events and workshops outside of the regularly scheduled meetings were also a joy for our family to be a part of – from including my 5-year old son in the occasional craft or family nature walk, to learning new strategies that I could use to help maximize my child’s development. I would highly recommend Studio Garden!”

~ Cathy


“The Studio Garden is an arts-based Montessori style program. Every activity had so many more levels of learning than I realized. The morning was chock full of activity…singing, music making, painting, felt, books, scarves…but it was more than just toys. Everything was connected to reinforce a central learning theme. There was so much to play with and learn with. My daughter had a BALL and came home saying some of the things she had learned (at 20 mom), like, “B…B…Ball…B…B…Butterfly…” The day before, LO had fallen and cut her lip with her teeth, so on a day when her lip was swollen four times its normal size and she was upset, she still lead an activity (when she normally observes), asked to be the tree up front in a song, put together her own snack, went to the table and ate it, painted used musical instruments, etc. I can’t describe it with the words it deserves, but if you’re curious, you should go visit and spend a morning.

And Michelle’s background…you guys. She was on the special projects team at SESAME STREET. She founded a youth theater company. She was so patient with my daughter and the other children.”

~ Elizabeth


“My daughter, Gwynna, attended Studio Garden during the Winter/Spring semester and Summer session. Gwynna and I greatly enjoyed our time there and we both learned a lot. It is an incredibly warm and nurturing environment. Michelle is patient and kind, while at the same time genuinely committed to the growth of both parent and child. Michelle was wonderful with Gwynna. She was able to connect with Gwynna, and organically redirect her focus when she became distracted. I learned how to more effectively engage with my daughter during the course of the class. This is a skill that I’ve managed to translate into our everyday lives. It was very gratifying to watch Gwynna learn and gradually lengthen her attention span. I credit this to Michelle’s seamless, effective application of the Montessori method of teaching, coupled with my personal involvement. Being there, during my daughter’s learning, helped to integrate the concepts she was learning at school into our home life. The learning didn’t stop when we got home. It was truly such a gift to be a part of this school. ”

~ Teagan

It is our joy to help create meaningful shared experiences for your whole family in a way that not only enriches your relationships, but helps your child feel confident in moving into new areas of learning.

For more information on parent and family opportunities, please follow the links below.


Parent Community |   Family Outings   |   Parent Discussion Circles  |   Family Service Projects

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