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Montessori Prints by Terry-Anne 

Terry-Anne is best known for her colorful and inspirational artwork that features Dr. Montessori’s famous quotes. Her love for Montessori began at the age of 3 when she attended a little Montessori school many years ago. This love for Montessori education continued when she enrolled her toddler in Montessori.

Terry-Anne has traveled the world – living in Western Australia, Paris, London, Vancouver and Malibu, California. She now resides in St. Augustine, Florida with her little girl and works as an artist and custom designer.

Terry-Anne’s design company, Kokabella Creations, offers custom design services, fundraising collaborations for schools and non-profit organizations, as well as retail and wholesale greeting cards, prints and other fine art products.

The Studio Garden Tapestry and Reading Tree by Holly Wilczek

Holly is a well established graphic artist, but her true passion is working with textiles.  Her mother is a prolific quilter, and Holly not only embraced this skill, but also combined her own rich talent in painting with her work with fabric and quilting.

She is whimsical, creative, and has a deep appreciation for how children enjoy color and play.  As a mother of 2 lovely children herself, she sees the world through their eyes and creates intriguing and beautiful materials that capture children’s curiosity, spark their imagination and engage their hands-on style of learning and exploring.

Holly’s connection to nature and generous spirit fill her work and inspire all who have the pleasure of enjoying her creations.  The Studio Garden Tapestry is a center piece in our school and in every class our students add to its beauty with the many detailed treasures and textures Holly built into each leave, flower, and snowflake.  The children help transform the tree and play with the little animals that live there, and they discover and experience the magical changes each season holds.

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