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Ages: 3 years – 4 years old
Schedule: Wednesdays 12:30pm – 3:00pm

Our preschool program begins with lunch together (meals provided by families). Children assist in setting the table for the class and each student takes out and serves their own lunch. During this time the children practice their social graces and manners, and it is also the time we facilitate a portion of our social-emotional curriculum. The children engage in age-appropriate conversation and connect with each other by sharing parts of their day, a favorite book or outing they recently enjoyed. Adults lend support to the flow of conversation, but give space for the children to interact.

Lunch is followed by 20-25 minutes of music exploration and group learning. Everyone works with instruments in each class and learns from the current Music Together Collection, as well as special songs chosen based on the current theme of study.

We welcome each child, recognize the time and season we are in, engage in literacy and numeracy presentations, receive a lesson on the present unit of study – including an introduction or continuation of the featured art project related to the current unit of study.

This section is followed by an open learning period, which includes the Montessori work cycle (literacy, numeracy, sensorial, culture, and peace curriculum).

Nature exploration and arts-immersion are woven together in each subject area of the classroom.

Children also have one-on-one learning time with the teacher during each class, and are supported during the whole class by their trusted, loving adult. However, unlike the toddler class, pre-school students also do work in pairs (with their adult). These pairs may also receive a small group lesson from the teacher, following the children’s interests and deeper exploration of their work. Pre-schoolers are developing more socially, and therefore the learning structure of the class is adapted to support this deeper level of development.

Each class ends with another 20 minutes of music in which one or two new songs are introduced, as well as a review of previously learned concluding songs that aid the transition to home.

We explore ways to extend the learning at home, and at the conclusion of the unit the child will be take home the featured art project which is almost always an interactive piece that the whole family can enjoy.



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