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The Studio Garden nurtures and seeks to maximize the learning potential of toddlers and preschoolers and support their development in the following ways. We have built our teaching around a rich and challenging arts-based Montessori curriculum. Doing the arts, in addition being beautiful and fun, has been proven to enhance the neural networks in children’s brains and creates a rich foundation for all learning, problem solving, and creativity. Montessori educational practices help children build skills for their independence, experience the empowerment of their own ability to lead their learning, and develop a deep love of learning.

Throughout the curriculum we provide opportunities for the children to connect to the beauty nature and the experience the deep and complex lessons that naturally flow from of nature. Lessons in language, math, sensoral exploration, science, and social emotional learning. The Studio Garden is an adult/child program, and we create an intimate nurturing environment that promotes children bonding with their loving adults. Nuerologist have recently proven that learning with a trusted loving adult exponentially increases the complexity of the neural networks formed in that learning experience. It’s not just what our children learn, or how they learn it, but who they learn it with makes all the difference.

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